A Good Chinese Translation From English Can Make Or Break Your Connection With the Chinese Market

A Good Chinese Translation From English Can Make Or Break Your Connection With the Chinese Market

Your Chinese translation may not be professional

If, as a native English speaker, you have ever been on an English website that was created in a country that does not speak English, you will know how frustrating it can be to see incorrect verbs used, or words not pluralized when they should have been. For example, ‘You will have problem walking 10 dogs at one time by yourself.’ To anyone who was raised speaking English, you have to wonder: ‘why was this not edited?’ Those who speak Chinese as a first language feel the same way when they see things translated from English to Chinese by those who have no concept or grasp of their language. English to Chinese translation, either in a document, or on a website, can make or break your business opportunities with Chinese consumers.

English and Chinese aren’t easy to translate

English and Chinese both have specific language rules when it comes to writing and speaking. In both languages, the same word can be pronounced two ways, each with a different meaning. In English, words can be said the same but spelled differently. This makes it very important that words are used correctly. If not, you could wind up saying something completely different than what you intended. To avoid this when it comes to making a website, you would need to find yourself a very good, not just decent, human translator to make sense of your content when translating into another language.

A Good Chinese Translation From English Can Make Or Break Your Connection With the Chinese Market

Don’t offend your audience

English to Chinese document translation is an art, and not something that can be relegated to a computer program. While these programs are nice, and might work for a simple poster for a lost or found dog, they cannot be relied on to get the nuances of another language. Do not skimp on your translating services if you want to service the Chinese community – doing so will cost you their business. Before presenting your business to the world, make sure you have the best agency that provides translation services English to Chinese, so that your Chinese translation is accurate. Check out the resource link in the bio for some professional assistance.

Professional translation is intricate and has various aspects hidden in it. These are related to the social, economical, regional, and linguistic features. When translators interpret two languages to each other, they actually represent two cultures and therefore, they must have a thorough knowledge of the speaking, reading, and writing each of the languages. They should know and master all the words in both the languages and should be proficient. Some might think of voice recognition software and a computer to conduct translations; however, this option does not seem to be practical and could lead to chaos due to misinterpretation.