Finding a Unique & Fun Name for Your Pet

Get a new dog? So you’re probably trying to figure out a good name for him or her. While choosing a good name for a dog is not as important as naming a human baby, you’ll be saying that name a thousand times over the next decade, so you’ll want to make sure your name is right for both of you. you. Here are some tips to help you choose a name with which you will be happy.

One or two syllable names generally work best, and it is advisable to avoid names that can be confused with commands (such as “no” and “Noah”). Dogs sometimes have a hard time distinguishing our words, and longer names are harder to tell for your dog and harder for your dog to understand. Also, we usually use our dog’s name as part of a command, such as “Leroy, come on,” so it’s easy to have a name that’s easy to call.

Try to spend some time with your dog to know his personality and characteristics before choosing a name. Sometimes your dog’s behavior, personality or appearance will suggest a name.

Popular Name vs. Unique

The most popular dog names today include Sam, Max, Lady, Maggie, Buddy, Brandy, Lucy, Daisy and Ginger. But maybe you want something more unique. Some people like to name their dog after a character in their favorite book, movie or TV show, a historical figure or a mythological character (Hercules, for example). Others name the dog after their favorite music, food or drink (like Cosmo), color, automobile or sports equipment. It is also popular to choose a name that reflects the origin of the canine breed, such as Olga for a Russian wolfhound or Ming for a Shih Tzu, a breed from China.

Finding a Unique & Fun Name for Your Pet

Best Ideas for Dog Names Online:

There are endless possibilities. Remember that you will call your dog frequently, so choose a name that can be happy in the long run. You can find good dog names sources online or in dog books from your library or bookstore.

Test your favorite names:

Once you have reduced the names to some favorites, make a list and try them out one at a time. Say the name out loud. Does that sound cool? Idiot? Is it easy to say? Test your dog’s name. Does he or she adapt? It can be difficult to find the right name and you can go through several before finding the right one for your new four-legged friend. My friends got a new puppy and called it Annie. It was a good name, but they soon realized that it was not a good fit for her. They called her “Layla,” after the music of Eric Clapton, and she liked her personality and theirs a lot more.

Teach Your Dog Your Name:

Use your dog’s name as fast as possible and give him many positive reinforcements (delicious treats) when he responds. He will quickly learn his name.

Remember to always use your dog’s name in a positive way, never angry or along with a reprimand. Your dog should know that when you call his name, good things happen. Your dog wants to please you. The sound of his name should invoke enthusiasm, never fear or the impression that he did something wrong.