How To Calculate International Shipping Cost?

Leading international transport and logistics companies in China offer a range of national and international cargo transfer services. The varieties of services these companies offer include ocean, air, road and rail freight shipping services. Though international shipping cost is on the higher side, there are some reputed companies who can offer better and cheaper deals.

If you want to transfer any cargo such as dump trucks, bulldozers, farm equipment, cranes, excavators, machines, timber, retail products, etc, cargo transport companies will be able to provide the most efficient services that you could be looking for.

International cargo transport prices are dependent on number of factors and hence there are no fixed or standard prices. This is one of the reasons why most business owners request for quotations from couple of companies before they hire the one that offers better freight shipping rates from China in US.

However, you can calculate the approximate rates instead of waiting for the company to mail a quotation to you. Use the cost calculating tools such as currency converter, unit converter, air cargo calculation, container dimensions, time zones, commercial terms and city codes to do your calculations and get an approximate estimate.

There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of shipping prices and it is advisable to know them. Some of the important factors which determine on shipping from China to US cost are distance, region, season, the type of freight service you choose, container type, size and numbers, type of loading services, type, weight, size and value of cargo, loading and unloading at ports, delivery, custom clearance as applicable, storage facility, terminal charges and service charges.

Apart from this, you could incur additional expenses such as express services, import/export duties, seeking permissions for transferring hazardous products or other highly personalized international cargo transfer services.