How To Source For Legitimate Wholesale Shoe Distributors

Wholesale shoe distributors are not hard to come by but finding a reliable one that you can work well with is very hard especially when you do not know where to start. So how do you verify the credibility of a particular wholesaler? We will look at some basic rules you can apply here.

When you go to the search engine and search for “wholesale shoe distributors” you will see tons of websites listed. Take a look at the websites and take note of their contact information like full business name, business registration number, address, telephone number as well as email address. It would be ideal to be able to verify the business registration number but many times, it is not as straight forward especially when dealing with non-English speaking wholesalers.

You can do a quick check, however, by contacting the wholesale shoe distributors by the number given on the websites. Make sure it is a valid land line. A legitimate company will always use a land line instead of cell phone number. Also, get a feel of the professionalism of the company by the way the call was picked up. In the event that verbal communication is not possible due to language and cultural barrier, make use of email and subsequently online chat programs like MSN, Yahoo Messenger or ICQ for example. It will help you get to know more about the supplier and get faster response, thus building trust for your Amazon sourcing business.

For wholesale shoe distributors from China, they will have to apply for a certificate of Import & Export from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Ask for a copy of the certificate for verification purpose. Also, trade companies in China are required to register with Chinese Customs House. These companies will then be issued registration numbers from Business Information Center (BIC) which you should also ask for.

You may be thinking “That’s too much of a hassle!” True but they are necessary. Fortunately, there are online wholesalers’ directories that provide not just a listing of wholesalers, but also invite retailers to post reviews on the companies. One such directory even has a forum where retailers exchange ideas and comments on the suppliers they work with. Joining this community will certainly help you make better decision while sourcing for good wholesale shoe distributors.