Security Measures for WordPress

Every time a hacker wants to cause damage, they will typically have a device that instantly checks for sites using the default username. This could easily be avoided by making use of another username. Needless to say, you must also refrain from using a login that is easy to guess such as your own name.

Regularly Scan Your Website for Common Security Problems: If you have strong passwords, reliable themes, updated plugins, you are able to put your WP website to the test to see if it is safe by checking it on a regular basis with Exploit Scanner, Sucuri Security, or Quttera Web Malware Scanner.

These three plugins will be able to catch anything that might have passed through your security measures.

Update Plugins and Themes: Dated plugins are a typical target among hackers since they know that consumers tend to avoid updating them. Thoroughly update these one at a time, and if you are not using them, deactivate unused ones or delete them completely. Likewise, keep your themes up to date as well since they are also targets among hackers.

Use Secure Web Hosting: Not every web hosting provider is equal. The truth is hosting flaws are the cause of most WP website attacks. When deciding on a web hosting provider, do not go with the cheapest one on the market. Research before you buy and ensure you use a recognized company known for good security.

Back Up Your Files Daily: By supporting regular backups of your documents and database, you are able to feel relaxed knowing that your content is safe and secure. If there is ever a problem, such as your website data being deleted, then you can easily recover from the damage and get back to business in a short time.

Internet is huge and there are a lot of hackers out there. Even implementing all the security measures you can think of, your wordpress site can still get infected by malware pretty easily. If that happens it is not the end of the world. There are WordPress malware removal services that will not only clean your website but they will optimize your wordpress site too.

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