Things To Know About Cloudways Cloud Web Hosting

Before you jump on the band wagon and sign up for a Cloudways managed cloud account, there are some issues that you may wish to consider.
1) Faster loading web page. – A cloud works by duplicating your files on clusters of computers. Together, these clusters form a cloud, hence the name “cloud hosting”. The most understandable benefit of having a cloud is that your web peoples looking access to files that are located near them. For instance, you can host your common files such as scripts, images, etc. on the cloud and when a people requests for the content, the cloud serves up these common files from the nearest location.

2) Less load on server. – If you need a big site, Cloudways cloud hosting solutions instantly become more appealing. The reason is that a single server may not be able to cope well with the growth of the site. Imagine having thousands of peoples hitting the same site on a daily basis. If you are not careful, the growth may even crash your site! With cloud hosting, the load is spread across numerous computers, all serving up content by following the cloud. This is drastically reduce server load. Your web page will load a lot faster, and will be more stable.

3) Security concerns. – Security threats are very real. Information tend to be stolen because people know that data can be valuable. So be mindful of what you upload to Cloudways cloud servers. The more data storage points, the higher the risk. It is highly recommended that you do not store highly sensitive data on the cloud. If your site stores sensitive data, store it in a highly protected environment. Check the cloud hosting security policies before uploading any files. It is general safe to upload common files such as javascripts, CSS files or images.

4) Re-use of resources. – When you sign up for cloud hosting and upload some files, the resources are allocated for your usage. When you decide to remove those files, the resources are freed up and other users can utilize the same resources. This leads to lower costs for everyone.

5) Scalability. – All web businesses should factor in scalability when signing up for hosting services. You may not need certain services now but you may need them later as your business grows. On a Cloudways cloud, services may already be installed on the cloud. You can easily access such services when you feel that your business is ready.

6) Applications. – Finally, a cloud may offer different applications. Cloudways Cloud may adopt a Saas (software as a service) approach and offer various services such as CRM, Email, virtual desktop, etc.

A cloud can be public or private. A public cloud can be free or paid. For those want to try it out first, there is a Cloudways trial available too.A private cloud is usually paid, but the costs are shared by the organizations using the private cloud. Measure the pros and cons of cloud hosting before signing up.

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